New Noise: Car Seat Headrest Is a Bandcamp Cult Hero on to Something Big


Welcome to New Noise, a shout-out to Refused and a monthly column highlighting up-and-coming alternative and rock artists. When we say “up-and-coming,” we don’t necessarily mean “brand-new,” as this artist already has ten albums to its name. What we do have in store is a weekly shout-out to an artist who’s just beginning to enter a bigger stage and spotlight, and whom we hope you, the reader, hear much more from in the future.

Listen to your interns. Car Seat Headrest — the musical project of one-man-band Will Toledo — produced 10 Bandcamp albums since 2010 before Matador Records intern Jake Whitener brought his internet cult hero status to label founder Chris Lombardi. Long story short, Toldeo gets to take his home recordings to the masses via the “major” indie that surely released some of his musical reference points. The Virginia native turned Seattleite crafts lo-fi indie rock with lyrics that sound like the inner musings that pass through your head when you’re making music alone in your room, or your parents’ car, hence the band name. Thing is, Toledo is a very witty, self-aware f